Different Types of Special Dentists

There are numerous kinds of dental specialists and choosing what sort of dental specialist you need might befuddle. From fixing skewed teeth to performing a muddled oral medical procedure, there are numerous sorts of dental specialists who will enable you to accomplish the best oral wellbeing. Inquisitive about what different sorts of dental specialists there are? We’ve arranged a rundown of the kinds of dental specialists and dental experts.

General Dentists

A general dental specialist is your essential dental consideration supplier and has one critical objective: to enable you to keep up a sound grin. Dental specialists analyze and treat minor to direct dental conditions and perform extractions, gum care, extensions, crowns, and fillings to enable you to improve your general wellbeing.


Endodontists are dental specialists who work in keeping up teeth through endodontic treatment (techniques, including the delicate inward tissue of the teeth). Dental exam fairfax Patients commonly need a root channel when there is aggravation or contamination in the underlying foundations of a tooth. This kind of expert performs root channel strategies on patients, which include evacuating unfortunate mash at the base of the tooth, filling the space and afterwards fixing it. This technique can spare teeth that some way or another must be expelled.


An orthodontist is a dental pro who attempts to forestall, analyze and treat facial and dental abnormalities in the jaw and its structures, for example, malocclusions (terrible chomps). You would visit the orthodontist to distinguish if/when supports (or different choices like Invisalign®) are required. This dental specialist has some expertise in restorative retainers and machines to improve your nibble and grin.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons

This kind of dental specialist is in charge of medical procedures that include the mouth, jaw, or face, for example, expulsion of astuteness teeth and situation of dental inserts. Usually, you will see an oral/maxillofacial specialist on the off chance that you have endured injury to your face, jaw, or mouth, on the off chance that you experience the ill effects of growths or tumors, dental cleaning fairfax or If you wish to get dental inserts.

Oral Pathologist

An oral pathologist is a master who concentrates the various reasons for maladies that happen in the mouth and the sicknesses that change the jaw, lip, teeth, and cheek structures. You would visit an oral pathologist if you have unusual coloration in your gums (they ought to be pink), and developments on an x-beam. These pros will regularly biopsy territories of concern and have they tried to decide the primary illness or condition.

Pediatric Dentist or Pedodontists

A pediatric dental specialist (or pedodontist) has practical experience in dental consideration for newborn children and youngsters. Pediatric dental specialists perform dental methods that are like general dental specialists. Be that as it may, as a result of their specific preparing, they are prepared to deal with numerous troublesome social circumstances and treat many sorts of patients, including newborn children, youthful youngsters, and teenagers.


A periodontist has practical experience in the avoidance, conclusion, and treatment of ailments that influence the delicate tissues inside the mouth, including the bones and gums and are specialists in the region of oral irritation. You would visit a periodontist at whatever point you incline that your gums are delicate or you notice dying. This dental specialist would analyze and treat both gum disease and periodontitis.


A prosthodontics represents considerable authority in the substitution of missing teeth or the fix of your natural teeth. This pro will utilize tops and crowns to address any territories of worry inside the patient’s mouth. A prosthodontics is additionally engaged with the dental embed process and can work with patients who experience any head and neck issues. At Altima Dental, we give a scope of administrations, from general to restorative dentistry. A few of our facilities offer general dentistry and progressively concentrated administrations all under one rooftop sparing you from making an additional excursion somewhere else. Visit one of our areas for a full rundown of our administrations and conveniences.

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